how it all started

Our story

Equator saw the light of day two years ago in a small town outside Oslo in Norway. Two young men with an eye for details and a good fashion sense decided to set up a business selling high-end men’s accessories. 

In the first year the company paired up with the perfect manufacturer who had the values they were looking for, and the first products were designed and manufactured. This was the start of an exclusive brand selling beautiful, hand-crafted products world-wide.

Equator logo

Our view

Our Perspective

Equator is a brand that strives for creating premium goods.  The balance between high quality and high customer satisfaction is something that we at Equator is passionate about. 

Our Values

Our values ​​consists of satisfying customers' needs, highest quality products, contribute to a sustainable operation according to the environment.  This is something we work purposefully with for each passing day.