Equator belts, not your average belt.

As always, the Equator team are looking for the best manufacturers around the world. After many inspiring and educational months, we found the right partner for our products, in the premium leather industry in the heart of Spain.

Equator belts are different. We only use carefully selected, premium leather in all of our products. Every part of the belts is handcrafted to make sure the accuracy and the quality is in line with Equator’s high standards. Various treatments are applied to bring out the best properties in the leather.

A high-quality product does not just consist of spectacular craftmanship – the skilled person behind the products is an important part of the process. These are craftsmen with more than 20 years experience in the industry, with an eye for details and a unique passion for their trade. For generations, our factory has focused on producing crafts in the most sustainable way possible. The leather must be treated in a viable way to bring out the best qualities, making sure it will last a long time with nothing going to waste. The craftsmen behind the products treat the raw hide with the utmost respect.

We strive every day to develop our products further in order to satisfy you, the customer, in the best possible way. As manufacturer, a minimalistic and elegant design is at the heart of our products. Every Equator belt is versatile and suitable for different occasions, and can be adapted to various collections. Each belt has different characteristics in regard to style and design.