How your Equator cashmere is made

As one of our values, we strive to have the most satisfied customers. That is
precisely why we chose to include cashmere in our range. Cashmere is seen as one of the world's most exclusive materials and a type of wool with unique properties.

Our products are produced from A + braided cashmere harvested in Inner Mongolia.Our cashmere fiber specifications are 13-17 microns and 34-42mm long. The organic cashmere is simple and pure. Untreated fibers, not bleached and harvested through a natural process in harmony with the goats. Each of our products contains the natural colours of cashmere, and these are light cream, light gray, brown and beige. This is to satisfy the customer's experience with cashmere.

Our manufacture has been in the industry for many years and how this type of luxury fabric should be treated. As always, the Equator manufacturer chooses
masterpieces of craftsmanship as a manufacturer. Life is too short to never wear
cashmere. We can guarantee that you will have a very special experience with